Nama Prestasi IFSA Head of Publications Sub Commission 2017-2018 / Editor-in-Chief of IFSA World Tree News
Tahun Perolehan 2017
Pencapaian Official terpilih (Pembantu Umum)
Lembaga Pemberi/Event IFSA (International Forestry Students’ Association) World
Individu/Kelompok Individu
Tingkat Internasional
Keterangan Tambahan Penjelasan : Commissions and Sub-commissions are executive bodies of IFSA established by the General Assembly in any composition and for any tasks. The members of Commissions are approved for one year by the GA. Additional members may be admitted to a Commission during the year subject to application to and approval by the Council and members of the relevant Commission Tautan Terkait: Proses Kegiatan : Pemilihan IFSA Head of Publications Sub-Commission berdasarkan rapat General Assembly di IFSS setiap tahunnya dan keputusan berdasarkan voting. Saya mengajukan diri untuk menjadi Head of Publications Sub-Commission or Editor-in-Chief of IFSA World Tree News setelah Meike Siegner (Official sebelumnya) mengundurkan diri pada Oktober 2017. Kemudian saya apply dengan mengirimkan dokumen pendukung dan diputuskan oleh Council untuk menjadi Head of Publications Sub-Commission 2017-2018. Makna Keikutsertaan : As the head of Publications, it is my responsibility to report and update all the information regularly in the IFSA blog about events, conferences, workshops and ongoing works by collecting information from delegates through interviews to keep the forestry student community aware of the happenings at IFSA.