Nama Prestasi Global Ideapreneur Week 2018
Tahun Perolehan 2018
Pencapaian 15th Winner
Lembaga Pemberi/Event Studec International
Individu/Kelompok Individu
Tingkat Regional
Keterangan Tambahan GIW 2018 is an annual youth-run entrepreneurship symposium that connects aspiring student entrepreneurs-to-be together with entrepreneurs from different industries. In its 2nd edition, the event is positioned as a 3 days interactive and comprehensive seminar and competition that not only equip participants with essential entrepreneurship skills and knowledge to kick-start future startups (ENRICH & ENGAGE), encourage participants to identify and think about the possible global entrepreneurial opportunities available to them (EXPLORE). GIW 2018 theme is “Designing The Future as an Entrepreneur” which brings together a total of 180 aspiring young entrepreneurs-to-be to a common platform where they can learn about entrepreneurship, exchange business ideas, provide networking opportunities to catalyze more startups and widen their exposure on global entrepreneurial climates and emerging trends while equipping them with essential business skills/tools/tips. Link :