Nama Prestasi 2017 Asia Pacific Agriculture Undergraduate Student Project Competition and Submit Presenter Oral
Tahun Perolehan 2017
Pencapaian Presentasi Oral dalam Konferensi Ilmiah
Lembaga Pemberi/Event National Pingtung University of Science and Technology Kelompok Internasional
Individu/Kelompok Kelompok
Tingkat Internasional
Keterangan Tambahan The summit offers a platform for undergraduate and graduate students to share knowledge in their research fields and to improve their professional and communication skills. The undergraduate project competition encourages undergraduate students to deepen their affection towards academic activities. Judul karya: Creative Industry Start-Up Development: Indonesia's No.1 Personalized Gift Center ( Tautan Terkait:,c3427-1.php?Lang=en