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Nama ProdiPerencanaan Sumber Daya Lahan
Judul Karya TulisPertanian Presisi dengan Aplikasi Berbasis Android Menggunakan SIG untuk Kesesuaian Lahan Tanam dengan Tujuan Menghentikan Kelaparan
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Ringkasan KTIPopulation all over the world is increasing rapidly. This increasing rate is proportionate to human’s need such as food. It creates demand from society about food security However, food security can be achieved if there is a guarantee of Food Availability that depend on our farmer productivity. Farmers tend to fail to reach their maximum productivity because they don’t understand their land’s suitability towards the plants they want to grow. Those factors caused several problems such as low productivity, low quality of food, and failure in harvesting. To solve this problem, we have to treat land properly by understanding factors that affect plant’s growth and land characteristics. There comes technology to help us in making everything easier, including the accessibility of internet. In today’s Industry 4.0 era, people are using internet and technology to improve their potential. However, this technology and internet has not utilized optimally and applied for agriculture sector, with the increasing of food demand. We need a specific internet technology to improve agriculture potential in order to achieve food security. One of the internet-based technology that is able to solve this problem is Geographic Information System (GIS). By using GIS technology, all geo-referenced data and information can be integrated in one system of land suitability assessment. In this proposed model, the GIS is used to integrate the geo-referenced land information by overlaying various attributes of maps (soil, climate, topography, etc.) to produce a land unit map with land characteristic and quality attributes. By incorporating the attributes if plant growth requirements, land suitability maps for various crops can be established. Therefore, the model is expected to provide the farmers with the information of what crops are suitable to growth in specific piece of land, where piece of land that suitable for certain crops, and solutions to modify the land for certain crops. The technology and technique are existing to create a friendly display so people can use it in easy way The model can be accessed using application based on Android called Cocok Tanam. Cocok Tanam will provide you information about what, where, and how the user should do towards their land and plants. This information is not existing yet in any android applications. The users will be able to use the Cocok Tanam by only inputting the coordinates of the location they want. Those coordinates that entered in the system are used to detect what kind of crop that is suitable for that land. The user also obtain information about where is the location that suitable for certain crops. Worst case scenario happens when the land is not suitable at all for any crops and plants. This worst scenario handled with SOLUTIONS options. This option will provide information about how and what we should do to modify the land so it will suitable for the crops. Understanding that most of farmers are quite old, third party like government, investor, even intellectual people will help farmers to understand the function of this system. Farmers will less likely to reject this technology if there is a guidance/assistance from the environment and if they got their profit from this environment. Therefore, rejection from farmer will unlikely to happen and it will open a wider user for this application. The proposed model is essential to enhance crop productivity and will in turn maintain food security. Those failures will unlikely happen because the farmer is planting the best crop in the best place based on the plant’s growth requirements and land suitability. Therefore, the system will ensure the establishment of food security for the status quo where the population is increasing rapidly. This is in line with SDGs number 2 which is End Hunger.
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