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Ringkasan KTISIMBEL-VISI (VISUAL ENGLISH BUSINESS LEARNING SYSTEM) BASED ON INTERACTIVE ANIMATION DESIGNS TO IMPROVE GLOBAL COMPETITION OF SMEs Vita Lutfiah  Program Pendidikan Vokasi  Universitas Brawijaya   Summary English is an international language that serves as a communication for people throughout the world. The ability to communicate in English can be used in various aspects of life such as in economic, social, cultural, educational, legal and other aspects. Entering the era of globalization or free markets, Indonesia must have competitive competencies in various fields. Indonesia does not only rely on natural resources and physical abilities to achieve the welfare of its people but must rely on professional human resources. One of the absolute requirements to achieve is to have good communication skills and develop the economy by adding to the SME sector. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have a very large role in the Indonesian economy. SMEs in Indonesia can be developed through the role of academics by providing intensive business English visual training. With mastery of English, it is expected that SMEs can improve the readiness of human resources, especially SMEs, in communicating with other countries. The main obstacle for SMEs in marketing their products is the low literacy about Business English vocabulary so that it can cause low quality in marketing. In addition, SMEs experience a lack of motivation in learning Business English vocabulary. The activities carried out by SMEs are dominated by producing products, but the lack of knowledge of English and appreciation can make the quality of marketing for SMEs decrease. Based on the problems, the most appropriate system to provide insight to SMEs is by making SIMBEL-VISI. SIMBEL-VISI is an English Visual Learning Learning System based on Interactive Animation Design to facilitate SMEs in dealing with outsiders. English learning system focuses on conversational economic activities such as Buy and Sell Conversations and Business Correspondence / Business emails. Implementation of English visual learning system uses Adobe Flash. Interactive animation based visual learning system contains the introduction of business English from the vocabulary of sales transactions, English business conversations via email, discussions about prices with other countries and meetings with colleagues from other countries. The implementation process is based on results obtained from analysis, design and system development. The implementation of the viewer explains the process of how users can use interactive animations and can apply English obtained by SMEs when conducting transactions with foreign parties. The tests included the testing of Animation on SMEs. A brief description and explanation are given before the interactive animation testing session. This test aims to determine the condition of SMEs before the SIMBEL-VISI and after the SIMBEL-VISI. SIMBEL-VISI collaborating with the Government of Malang City which has opened a special house to facilitate SMEs, the house is called Rumah Solusi. With the presence of Rumah Solusi as stakeholders, they can collaborate and help SIMBEL-VISI in the process of carrying out offline training. Based on previous research, before the emergence of this innovation, the majority of SMEs used informal English in buying and selling activities and communication processes via email. Furthermore, with the existence of SIMBEL-VISI-based interactive animation, it is very helpful for SMEs in conducting transactions using professional business English. Furthermore, SMEs see and listen to interactive animations. There are 2 main components that are evaluated after the animation testing session is the effectiveness in delivering messages and the impact obtained by SMEs. SIMBEL-VISI has the advantage of providing visual understanding to SMEs so that the knowledge gained is faster and easier to apply in business life. This system is made so that SMEs are more open-minded towards professional-level English used in business activities. With this system, SMEs are easier to interact with foreign parties, can sell the products, and can negotiate with professional languages. English Language Learning System Results Business-based interactive animation has proven effective in collecting, presenting data, and analyzing data. The use of interactive animation based systems can be understood by the audience because the use of SIMBEL-VISI in Malang city can be used in the long term and can be applied. The hope is that the English learning system that uses interactive animation can increase competition between countries.  
Prioritas Pencapaian Prestasi Tahun Tingkat
1 Double Gold Award The International Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition 2018 Internasional Lihat
2 Gold Medal Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, innovation and Technology Exposition 2019 Internasional Lihat
3 Genius Award Genius Award from Citizen Innovation 2018 Internasional Lihat
4 Silver Medal Asia Innovation Show 2018 Internasional Lihat
5 Silver Medal Japan Design and Invention Expo 2018 Internasional Lihat
6 Silver Prize World Invention and Technology Expo 2018 Internasional Lihat
7 Bronze Medal Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, innovation and Technology Exposition 2018 Internasional Lihat
8 Bronze Award International Young Inventors Award (IYIA) 2018 Internasional Lihat
9 Juara 3 Cooperative Business Plan Competition 2017 Nasional Lihat
10 Juara 3 Tourism Quiz Competition 2018 Nasional Lihat

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