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Judul Karya TulisBioaktivitas Anti-Kanker Benalu Cengkeh (Dendrophthoe pentandra) sebagai Terapi Alternatif Kanker Payudara dalam Mendukung Pembangunan Berkelanjutan
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Ringkasan KTICancer is one of the deadliest diseases which exist this time. Breast cancer is the biggest cancer case in the world that consists of 43% of all cancer cases. So far, breast cancer cases are handled using radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Both therapies have some side effect that affects other cells beside cancer cells. Additionally, the therapies kill cancer in necrosis pathway and need high cost too. If breast cancer becoming worse, the patient needs to be handled by using surgery method. If this method is applied, the patient will be losing the breast or part of it. The lost part will not be able to develop again like the normal condition. On top of that, the surgery is very expensive. Apart from that, Indonesia has a problem of parasitic plant, Dendrophthoe pentandra or in Bahasa Indonesia is Benalu Cengkeh. This plant is very abundant in number and easy to find. This plant contains high phytochemical which potentially becoming phytopharmaca that is good for breast cancer therapy. Therefore, in this event, the researcher proposes a new solution to handle breast cancer with the title is, “Anti-Cancer Bioactivity of Clove Mistletoe (Dendrophthoe pentandra) as Breast Cancer Alternative Therapy to Support Sustainable Development”. The aim of this study is, first, analyzing the potential of clove mistletoe leaf extract as an alternative therapy to breast cancer and, second, analyzing the impact of developing clove parasites as an alternative therapy for breast cancer to support sustainable development programs. Dendrophthoe pentandra can act as a preventive agent for breast cancer through antioxidant activity and estrogen decreasing. This plant has a high total phenol content and can act as an antioxidant that can be ROS scavenger, inhibition of enzymes in ROS formation, and prevent cellular and extracellular oxidation. The decreasing estrogen happened because Dendrophthoe pentandra leaves may act by occupying GnRH receptors in the pituitary and making the cells insensitive to GnRH. Moreover, Dendrophthoe pentandra can be a curative solution because it can act as proliferative inhibitors, inducing apoptosis, anti-inflammation, immunomodulator. The proliferation inhibitor happens because of the inhibit of DNA synthesis and also misaligned and missegregated chromosome. Dendrophthoe pentandra is able to induce apoptosis that occurs because of the calcium reduction due to inhibition of influx via Orai3 inhibition and calcium efflux via Bcl-2 blocking. Moreover, the apoptosis is induced because of activation caspase and survivin decrease. Anti-inflammatory activity by Dendrophthoe pentandra is characterized by the reduction of IL-22 as proinflammatory cytokines, MPO inhibitor, and blocking phosphorylation IKB. Dendrophthoe petandra is able to increase splenocytes and thymocytes that can help as breast cancer therapy. Besides, Dendrophthoe petandra doesn’t have cytotoxic activity in normal cell lines. This innovation can support sustainable development programs from the international level until the municipal government. The United Nations has a program called SDGs. The third objective of SDGs is to guarantee the quality of health and well-being that arises from a large number of deaths from cancer. The Indonesian government through the GERMAS also wants to face out the cancer problem. The East Java Provincial Government through Nawa Bhakti Satya also wants to improve the quality of health as stated in its third program, Jatim Cerdas dan Sehat. The Mayor of Malang in the RPJMD 2019-2024 has a focus on guaranteeing the health quality of Malang residents. The alternative cancer therapy using Dendrophthoe pentandra is potential considering the anticancer bioactivities that can act as a preventive and curative agent. Moreover, this plant is very abundant and non-toxic. If we compare this alternative therapy with the available methods of therapy, the chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery, in terms of cost, Dendrophthoe pentandra therapy has a lower price. Fundamental research needs to be conducted to learn the mechanism and efficacy of the Dendrophthoe pantandra for breast cancer. After that, we will do the drug test according to the good clinical practices (GCP). These steps are needed to be done soon in order to realize the alternative therapy for breast cancer patients. After that, this innovation will register for the patent. The cooperate between researcher, government, and industry sector should be enhanced to realize this innovation too. So, society from the entire place in the world can use Dendrophthoe pentandra as breast cancer alternative therapy.
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1 Juara 1 2nd Asia International Conference of Art & Design (AICAD) 2018 Internasional Lihat
2 Juara 1 International Young Invention Award 2017 Internasional Lihat
3 Juara 1 International Innovative and Invention Competition 2017 Internasional Lihat
4 Juara 1 Scientific Conference on Policy, Engineering, Arts, Culture, and Education (SCOPEACE) Japan 2018 Internasional Lihat
5 Juara 2 7th International Innovation, Invention, and Design Competition (INDES) 2018 Internasional Lihat
6 Juara 2 International Innovative and Invention Competition 2017 Internasional Lihat
7 Juara 2 7th International Innovation, Invention, and Design Competition (INDES) 2018 Internasional Lihat
8 Juara 3 2nd Asia International Conference of Art & Design (AICAD) 2018 Internasional Lihat
9 Direktur Riset dan Keilmiahan (RITMA) 2019 Propinsi Lihat
10 Ketua Divisi Riset dan Keilmiahan (RITMA) 2018 Propinsi Lihat

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