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Judul Karya TulisBiskuit Kelakai Pencegah Anemia (BISKECE)
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Health is an important thing for every human being to care for from an early age. This writing aims to prevent us from various types of health problems that exist. South Kalimantan is the region with the highest percentage of young married women (10-14 years) which is 9% (Fadilah, 2018). According to the research by Monika (2012) and Nurya (2011), there were 14% of adolescents who knew that anemia in pregnancy can cause premature labor, abortion, and stunted fetal growth.
Anemia is a condition where the erythrocyte period and the circulating hemoglobin period cannot function as a provider of oxygen for body tissues. The immediate causes of anemia include increased iron requirements (during pregnancy, menstruation, infancy, adolescence), low nutrient intake in the body, folic acid deficiency anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency. The indirect causes of anemia are socioeconomic conditions, education, knowledge, and age (Ramakrishnan, 2001). The results of the study by Fahruni, et al. (2018) stated that kelakai plants can be used as functional food because kelakai roots contain active compounds having the potential as an aphrodisiac, namely alkaloid a saponin, where kelakai root supplies high Fe content beneficial for adolescent girls and pregnant women as alternative prevention of anemia.
Therefore, the authors formulate a problem, that is difficulty for adolescent girls and pregnant women to consume nutrients rich in iron and vitamins so that it is necessary to create a kind of snack or supplement in the form biscuit containing the composition beneficial for the health.  The supplement mentioned above is named BISKECE, an alternative supplement, easily consumed by young women and pregnant women, to prevent anemia.
The idea of making BISKECE started from the stage of knowing the roots of anemia problems occurring in adolescent girls and pregnant women, conducting a research on the content of kelakai plants, referring to the research by Fahruni, et al. (2018) which states that kelakai contains high iron, then socializing to the public, especially young women and pregnant women regarding its usefulness and continuing with distributing the product to the community. The main ingredients for making BISKECE include red kelakai or white kelakai, 16 tablespoons (tbsp) of wheat flour, 2 tbsp of cornstarch, 1 tbsp of milk powder, 4 tbsp of powdered chocolate, 50 gr of chocolate chip, 100 gr of refined sugar, 200 gr of butter, 1 egg yolk. Making Steps for BISKECE: smooth the white or red kelakai blended with water using a blender; then heat it over a water bath with a temperature of 90o Celsius for 15 minutes while stirring; sprig it while hot using a flannel cloth; mix butter and eggs into a large bowl while stirring until smooth; then add the refined sugar into the mixture. In a separate bowl, puree flour, chocolate powder, milk powder, and cornstarch, mix well and add the chocolate chip and stir again; and put the mashed kelakai extract, butter mixture into the flour mixture then mix well until it forms a cookie dough or biscuit, print the cookie dough/biscuit according to taste, put the biscuit into the oven heated to 190o Celsius; the last step is to bake the biscuits to the color golden brown. Furthermore, from 20 bundles of kelakai, it produces 50 BISKECE’which do not cause side.
The researchers concluded that, although kelakai plants are free to grow in the forest and peatlands, they have great potential for health of adolescent girls and pregnant. Initial processing of kelakai plants into BISKECE if through the screening stage of kelakai extract using the infusion method - a preparation made by extracting vegetable simplicia with water at 90oC for 15 minutes and heating the mashed kelakai over the water bath for 15 minutes while stirring so that the resulting extract does not lose its nutritional content, then the kelakai extract is filtered using flannel cloth. Making BISKECE products is the same as making biscuits in general by using ingredients easy to obtain and have commonly consumed flavors.  The effectiveness of outreach is in collaboration with the Independent Practice of Midwives, Community Health Centers, Banjarmasin City Health Office, social media will facilitate BISKECE products to be easily accepted by the community.
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