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Ringkasan KTIThe Culture Shock and Language barrier are the root causes of major problem the migrant workers currently face. The barrier of language and culture increase the risk of exploitation, violence, and having low bargaining power. The exploitation reached  1,050 cases (2016-2017) and violence between 2008-2014 reached 11,343 cases. That data reflects the modern slavery. Among the three issues mentioned, the domestic migrant workers are the major victim. The major destination countries of migrant workers are Malaysia (93,124), Hong Kong (73,917), Taiwan (72,373), and Singapore (18,324) which adopt English as a Primary Language (EPL) or Second Language (ESL). Therefore, this paper will address the issue of domestic migrant workers and English Language barrier among the four biggest destination countries. There are two attempts the government does to fix the status quo, which are diplomacy and training. The diplomacy is only limited to the application moratorium and the provision of violence report. However, this diplomacy is not a preventive action in reducing the on-going exploitation and violence happening out of the radar. The conventional training so far also lacks in terms of cost-efficiency (expensive to provide training prototypes), time (the absence of personal approach for each trainee) and pedagogical technique (the absence of experiential learning). The objectives of this research and development paper are following:  a) designing VRIDOM; b) explaining the concept of VRIDOM in reducing Culture Shock and Language barrier. The method used in the paper comes from an interview with the key stakeholders and literature study which relies on international  journals and the statistic of the National Agency for the Protection and Placement of International Migrant Workers (BNP2TKI). After analyzing the collected data, VRIDOM (Virtual Reality For Freedom) was created. VRIDOM is a training media app based on Virtual Reality (VR) that can either be combined with the existing conventional training to apply blended learning or be used individually. VRIDOM utilizes VR technology using smartphone and VR glass, like Google Cardboard. VRIDOM works by virtualizing the workplace environment in a destination country. The visualization is in 3D with 360-degree vision. The VRIDOM mainly comprised of a variety of interaction with domestic job scenario and Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are four menus in VRIDOM, namely Needs Analysis, Pre-Test, Virtual World and Feedbacks. The first time users open the VRIDOM, they will be directed to the Needs Analysis menu to determine the type of domestic job and country destination. Country and job choice will configure VRIDOM content, including AI’s English dialect (Example: Singlish), ethical norms and the myriad of virtual activities. Then, the user will be directed to the Pre-Test which contains a measurement of English proficiency starting point and the knowledge about the socio-culture condition in the destination country. The pre-test results will be displayed in the form of levels starting from level A1 to B2 which indicate the degree of language competency. After inputting the Needs Analysis and Pre-Test menus, the users will be directed to the main menu--Virtual World. Inside Virtual World, the users can get the exposure of authentic experience of norms and language contextualized from the destination country environment. The authentic experience can also be derived from the virtualization of interactive digital prototypes, including but not limited to: basic medical kits and electronic devices (e.g. automatic wash machine). In reducing the interaction barrier, VRIDOM provides Voice recognition to recognize certain speech dialects. The interaction will be more complex if the users passing the higher level. The levelling process refers to the Common European Framework of Reference and National Workplace Competencies Standard. After navigating the Virtual World of VRIDOM, users can visit the feedback page that functions to 1) show the “wall of fame” which acts as a public ranking of all users accomplishments at the regional scope; 2) discover the training progress chart on daily basis. All data displayed in Feedback menu can be a reference for the tutor to understand the learning characteristics of each the migrant worker candidate (CTKI) and provide a specific training approach for the individual. The set of features VRIDOM provides such as data analytics-based feedback or voice recognition interaction will create authentic experiential learning to improve the training effectiveness and eventually reduce culture shock and language barrier effectively.
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1 Juara 3 Parahyangan Model United Nations 2019 2019 Internasional Lihat
2 Penerima seed-funding untuk pengembangan startup dan delegasi Indonesia Impact EXL Workshop on Environment and Eco-preneurship 2019 2019 Internasional Lihat
3 Presenter Paper dan Delegasi Indonesia The International Conference on Education (ICEDU) 2019 2019 Internasional Lihat
4 Medali Perunggu Indonesian International Invention Festival (I3F) 2019 2019 Internasional Lihat
5 Presenter Paper, Delegasi indonesia International Conference On Asean Studies 2019 (ICONAS) 2019 Internasional Lihat
6 Moderator pada session utama (AAA) 4th International Conference on Education and Technology (ICET) 2018. 2018 Internasional Lihat
7 Presenter position paper, Delegasi Indonesia International Human Rights Model United Nations (IHRMUN) 2019 2019 Internasional Lihat
8 Juara 1 Lomba Essay Nasional (LEON) 2019 2019 Nasional Lihat
9 Juara 1 National Essay Competition IAIN Purwokerto 2018 2018 Nasional Lihat
10 Juara 1 ECA – English Debate Competition UNSOED 2018 2018 Nasional Lihat

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