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Ringkasan KTISUMMARY Fuel needs in Indonesia are a serious problem in human life in the future With the increasing number of people using fuel, and the diminishing amount of natural resources from the fuel itself, people are faced with the problem of running out of fuel in the future. The formation of petroleum is very slow, therefore an idea or creativity is needed to produce alternative fuels. Today there are still many industries that still depend on fossil fuels, one that we often see is industrial industries that use their own power plants such as boilers or steam valves, In general, this boiler uses fuel oil and gas Along with the increasing price of oil and gas, innovation needs to be done to get efficiency in the production process in the industry The innovation that we can develop as fuel for boiler heating is to use used oil to be processed through tornado furnaces, with the use of used oil, it is expected to be a solution for industries that use boilers as generators, because used oil can now be easily found and does not cost a lot Through this article, I hope we know the potential found in used oil as fuel and also able to produce tools that can use used oil as fuel. And hopefully this article can be a reference for further technological developments Talking about used oil is certainly what we think is waste that is dangerous and can damage the environment, this is in line with Article 1 Paragraph 2 Government Regulation No. 18/1999, B3 waste is the remainder of a business and / or activity that contains hazardous and / or toxic materials due to the nature and / or concentration of it and / or the amount, either directly or indirectly can pollute and / or damage the environment, and / or can endanger the environment, health, the survival of humans and other living things So now the steps we need to take are how this used oil waste can benefit us and the industrial world, of course, Used oil has the ability as fuel even though it has a fairly dangerous potential but we can do this well if we know the safety procedures for this waste treatment Through this article I will explain a tool that we can benefit from processing this used oil into something useful and valuable, this used oil can be used as fuel to heat the boiler. To use this used oil, a fire stove from a gas cylinder of 5.5 kg LPJ is required and also a blower, this blower is a device whose function is to drain air pressurized, like an air pump will first be sucked after it will emit pressurized air The combustion work process that occurs in the Fire furnace is that the air blown by the blower will be directed to the inner reactor wall. When the fuel inside the reactor has been turned on, the wind blown by the blower will cause the fire to move to form a tornado vortex, which is why the furnace is called the "Tornado Furnace". With this Tornado effect, the heat generated will multiply, coupled with the isolation carried out by giving a layer of clay on the wall of the reactor so that the resulting heat is centered inside the reactor and released only through the top of the furnace. With the addition of used oil as fuel, the combustion process will produce a higher temperature faster. This tool is highly recommended in industries that use boilers as generators but are not recommended for use in home industries because the smoke produced contains emissions that are quite dangerous.        

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