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FPlant: Monitoring Systems for Agriculture and Consultation Based On Internet of Things (Iot)

Indonesia is an agricultural country that has the greatest natural wealth and is very instrumental in agriculture world. The agricultural sector has a very significant contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) Program namely "No Poverty" and "Zero Hunger". Successful agricultural management can support the increase of human quality. Indonesia's population in 2020 is projected to reach 271.1 million. So, a solution is needed to deal with this, namely by increasing agricultural crop production. However, there are still many agricultural management problems that need to be addressed; one way to increase crop production is to pay attention to the irrigation process on agricultural land.

So far, many farmers still use conventional methods in irrigation. The owner of the rice field must always come to the rice fields to open manually the irrigation canal, regulate the water needs, as well as the owners of other fields, must take turns to suit the time to drain the water through the irrigation canal that is shared together. This results in less efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation. If this condition continues, we will face a decline in agricultural production that will influence farmers' income as well as the social-economic conditions around the location.

Actually some efforts have been carried out to resolve the problem, namely through the Field Agricultural Extension Program (PPL). Nevertheless we still face problems such as ineffective irrigation, low agricultural knowledge, the role of extension agents, and suboptimal use of technology. In order to solve those problems, a product was designed, namely FPlant. FPlant is an innovation that has two main functions, namely a system of monitoring-controlling agricultural irrigation and cultivation consulting. This product integrates irrigation automation needs and farmer study room containers. This tool prototype is made in a box measuring 30 x 30 x 40 cm that is integrated with the system. YL-69 soil moisture sensor connected SP32 in the digital input with a 5 Volt voltage source that is equal to 2 Amperes. Soil moisture sensor can detect soil moisture; the system is able to identify the water content contained in the soil. ESP32 functions as a processor data which will compare incoming data with predetermined parameters. Then, data will be sent to the android application to be monitored and controlled. If the soil moisture is under the specified parameters, the servo as an actuator will open the channel and drain the water towards the plot until the humidity reaches the specified set point. At this point, the channel will close and the water will stop flowing.

The software display itself has 3 menus, namely the education menu for agricultural theory material, a farming cultivation consultation menu provided with chat features with PPL, and a chatbot feature to facilitate farmers to find quick answers to frequently asked questions. Then, monitor menus and controls which will give chance to the farmer to know the water content in his farm and enable him to control the actuator if it feels less soil moisture and outside the time of system automation. There are 4 test results, those are: first, determination of soil moisture to make parameters; second, the results of YL-69 humidity sensor to detect actuator drive; third, software test results in the form of moisture monitoring and agricultural cultivation consultation; and fourth, effectiveness test results in the form of automation , real time data recording, and communication effectiveness. FPlant has 3 advantages. It works automatically with the Internet of Things, practical in use due to its integrated hardware and software, and effective and efficient since it is made with a technology system. It can be concluded that the FPlant is a solution to agricultural problems in Indonesia by using technological innovation. This can surely give a good and significant impact on farmer productivity. FPlant can be applied in order to increase farmer productivity in Indonesia and create Agriculture Development as the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.
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1 Juara 2 Juara 2 Mahasiswa Berprestasi Academy Nasional 2019 Nasional Lihat
2 Juara 1 1st Winner National Debate Competition UPN Veteran Yogyakarta 2018 Nasional Lihat
3 Juara 1 Juara 1 Lomba Debat Ekonomi Islam Tingkat Nasional 2019 Nasional Lihat
4 Juara 2 Juara 2 National Scientific Competition Piala Kemenristekdikti “GAMACOM 2017 Nasional Lihat
5 Juara 3 Juara 3 Equilibrium Science Fair 2017 Nasional Lihat
6 Top Ten Top Ten Kompetisi Teknologi Inovasi “INVENTRA”. 2019 Nasional Lihat
7 Koordinator Coordinator of ASEAN Islamic Student Summit, Malaysia 2017 Regional Lihat
8 Founder Founder Tirta Foundation 2018 Nasional Lihat
9 Chief Chief of Human Resource Development. 2018 Nasional Lihat
10 Sekretaris Jenderal Sekretaris Jenderal DPM KM Sekolah Vokasi UGM 2018 Regional Lihat

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