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Judul Karya TulisFision: Program Inklusi Keuangan bagi Penyandang Tunanetra Berbasis Digital Open Account dan Aplikasi Mobile Banking
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Ringkasan KTI  Persons with visual impairments experience difficulties when opening bank accounts and accessing banking services or products. It's clear that they need special facilities to access banking products or services. So far, the OJK does not yet have regulation for the banks to specifically provide services for persons with disabilities, especially the visually impaired people.  

Accessing banking services for the visually impaired is not easy. Based on the problem validation that have been done in Yayasan Kesejahteraan Tuna Netra Islam (Yaketunis) Yogyakarta, the visually impaired people do not use the banking application on their smartphone because the application is difficult to use. Nowadays the banking application is designed with rich image content; and the increase of visual images in the app will make the visually impaired people difficult to navigate the application.  

Seeing these problems, we propose policy and program recommendations. We call it Fision, a program to increase financial inclusion for blind people based on digital open accounts (DOA) and mobile banking applications designed specifically for blind people. With Fision, people with visual impairments will get convenience when opening a bank account through the Fision DOA facility. Fision Digital Open Account Fision (DOA) is a form of digital identity for visually impaired people to facilitate the process of opening a bank account. Fision DOA digital identity data will be stored using the government-owned blockchain data center. The use of blockchain technology on digital identity will facilitate the authentication and coordination process of the Fision DOA. Besides that blockchain technology also has a high level of security standards if used as a method of storing digital identity. This blockchain technology also allows users to make transactions faster and cheaper than traditional methods. The registration process for the Fision DOA account is carried out using the branchless banking concept. After the visually impaired people registered to the Fision DOA, they will get a Fision DOA card which will be the proof of digital identity to open a bank account. People with visual impairments only need a Fision DOA card and their fingerprints to open a bank account. If they have not received a Fision Card, they can use their username and date of birth to open a bank account.  

Along with Fision DOA, this program is also equipped with Fision mobile banking application which is specifically designed for the visually impaired people. Fision mobile banking application have four (4) design principle that makes the solution unique and stands out from the others. The design principle is 
1. One screen for One action, to make finding feature easier for the user;
2. Step-by-step audio guiding, to help the user navigate around the app;
3. Privacy, by using instant black-out gesture;
4. Braille Gesture keyboard, to minimize typo and increase the typing speed.
The feature of Fision mobile banking application can be any banking services. Fision mobile banking application reinvent the way mobile banking access for visually impaired people. Fision mobile banking application can be used without requiring the users to have the ability to see. This application prioritizes excellence from the innovation of User Experience (UX) designs that are different from other application concepts. The use of the Fision mobile banking application is very simple since it has voice guidance for each user activity. This application is also designed to be used safely in an open space. We want to make their life more comfortable through Fision mobile banking application. We want to leverage their experience by making their economy moves faster. Fision mobile banking application can be the stepping stone for the visually impaired people to digitalize their business or SME. Fision mobile banking application is building the way towards an inclusive digital society.

In conclusion, achieving sustainable development requires the integration of various stakeholders in Indonesia and the use of technology to overcome the problems of financial inclusion. The problem regarding the difficulty of opening a bank account for blind people can be solved by the Fision Digital Open Account. The problem with the inaccessibility of facilities to obtain banking services can be solved with the Fision mobile banking application.
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