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     One of Indonesia’s challenges to face the 3rd point of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) “good health and well-being” is the increasing number of non-communicable diseases prevalence, which one of the diseases that lead high morbidity and mortality is diabetes melitus. The estimation of diabetes mellitus patients in Indonesia  is about 21 million people in 2030.  Thus, one of the SDGs targets is to reduce 1 per 3 premature death caused by non-communicable disease with appropriate treatments.
     According to WHO, “ diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease caused by inherited and/or acquired deficiency in production of insulin by the pancreas, or by the ineffectiveness of the insulin produced. Such a deficiency results in increased concentrations of glucose in the blood, which in turn damage many of the body's systems, in particular the blood vessels and nerves”. There are four types of diabetes mellitus and the most common case is type 2 diabetes (around 90% of all diabetes cases wordwide). The type 2 diabetes is a result of insulin resistence or insufficient insulin production by the pancreas.
   The pharmacologycal therapies for type 2 diabetes are anti-diabetics oral or insulin. However consuming  these synthetic drugs such as acarbose, metformin or voglibose have been reported having some side effects including, gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea and flatulance), liver disorder, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Therefore, it needs some alternative treatment that offer more safety to the patient, for example, using natural bioactive compounds. Moreover, Indonesia has undoubtedly enormous biodiversity with great potential for drug discovery.
     Mangiferin compound from manggo leaves (Mangifera indica L.) has anti-diabetic activity through inhibition of ?-glucosidase and ?-amylase anzyme in the intestine. So that the absorption of glucose will be limited and the concentration  blood glucose in blood is decreased. In addition, curcumin compound from turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa L.) also has anti-diabetic activity through inhibition of glycogen synthase-3 beta cause decreasing glucose production in liver. Curcumin also has activity to increase insulin sensitivity and induce glucose uptake by regulating glucose transporter-2, GLUT-3, and GLUT-4.
     The combination of mangiferin and curcumin  will likely have same mechanism with the conventional anti-diabetic that has been marketed in fix dose combination, which are metformin and acarbose. Metformin has two mechanisms of decreasing blood glucose both in cell peripheral and liver. In peripheral, metformin increases uptake and utilization of glucose, while it reduces production of glucose in liver. This mechanism is similiar to curcumin. Futhermore, acarbose has same mechanism with mangiferin. Acarbose decreases blood glucose concentration by binding and inhibiting alpha amylase and alpha-gluocside enzymes. The inhibition of these enzymes effects the delay of glucose absorption and  lowering of postprandial hyperglycemia. However, mangiferin and curcumin have low solubility in water that cause low bioavailability. So the appropriate drug delivery system is needed to solve the problem of these compounds.
     This paper was written with systemic literature review method through searching some scientific journals, books, or articles with the key words; mangiferin; curcumin; diabetes mellitus; and nanocrystal. These data was selected, analyzed, and synthesized to form this scientific paper.
     This paper offers nanocrystal as drug delivery system for combination of mangiferin and curcumin (NMC- Nanocrystal Mangiferin-Curcumin), as promising new anti diabetic oral. Drug nanocrystals are crystals with a size less than 1000 nanometers that has  crystalline character and composed by 100% drug. There are many  advantages by preparing nanocrystal, which are increasing drug solubility, dissolution rate, stability, bioavailability and adhesive to cell mucous. The method that chosen to formulate the combination of mangiferin and curcumin is top down-high pressure homogenization. The principle of this method is by utilizing high pressure to decrease the particle size of drug compound. The result of NMC is powder which need to be reconstituted with solvent or known as NMC suspension reconstitution.
     The conclusion for this paper is the combination of mangiferin and curcumin has a potency and synergic pharmacological effect for type 2 diabetes treatment through their mechanisms in intestine and liver. Furthermore, the formulation in nanocrystal preparation will improve some physicochemical properties of these two compounds and make  them possible to consume as promising oral anti-diabetic drug.
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