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Judul Karya TulisPemanfaatan Limbah Organik Berbasis Inovasi Dinding Ramah Lingkungan (Prototype Bekon®)
Topik Karya TulisKonstruksi/ Transportasi
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Ringkasan KTIThe titled of this paper is The Use Of Organic Waste Based On Environmentally Friendly Wall Innovations (BEKON®). this product is still in the development stage by the author at the Pekalongan University Geotechnical Laboratory and is still a prototype. the name BEKON® is taken from the abbreviation Bata Eco-Construction which then for the convenience of branding, the name BEKON® is pinned. furthermore, the writer wants to explain what is behind the innovation is to be able to reduce pollution due to the accumulation of organic waste in the world, especially in pekalongan region itself, which continues to increase in intensity and increasingly uncontrolled, and the author is challenged to find an alternative building material is environmentally friendly and easy to recycle by nature. we need to pay attention that the Universe has a natural recycling cycle that is designed very well by the creator, but humans continue to strive to implement a material that has high quality but is very difficult to decipher by nature, this is a problem because if there is no alternative material innovation which is capable and can be recycled after its lifetime is used up will have a very dangerous impact. because in the end those who will feel right away are not us, but the next 10-100 years are our descendants who will enjoy the impact of it as well as what we get today is a relic of previous scientists they do not directly feel the negative impact but we who are in the present who enjoy that impact. keep in mind once again because this product comes from organic waste, of course it is very easy to destroy it in recycling purposes, but this product still has great strength than conventional bricks in its use. but when we speak of Sustainable Development Goals, of course we are required to see the worst side first before ascertaining whether the points are included in the conditions of sustainable development or not. one of which is about BEKON® maintenance itself, namely: Pre-Installation, this product does not require special care if it is left exposed to the hot sun or is exposed to raindrops, there is also no problem. Installation, when this product is installed on the wall and if it is cracked, just spray it with a polymer liquid and the broken surface will slowly close again. Post-Installation, when this product is no longer used because it is destroyed or the deconstruction of the building, considering that this product uses organic material, it will certainly be very easy to be reused and experience natural weathering to become soil. BEKON® as a substitute for alternative ingredients we really hope that of course in the future this product can be used as alternative material for environmentally friendly buildings. apart from being seen from the economic value of this product, it is very eco-friendly with the environment. we hope that with this invention the use and pollution due to materials which have very difficult properties can be reduced can be drastically reduced. we hope that the changes can be made with the invention of this product. although this product still needs some further testing but the author is very optimistic about this invention. the author also hopes that this invention will be considered by engineers all over the world to support sustainable development goals specifically at the point of developing green buildings. with a burning spirit the author will continue to strive to improve products that are environmentally friendly so that the goals of sustainable development can truly be carried out fairly and evenly throughout the world. in the end, this paper aims to provide insight into the invention of organic waste, namely BEKON®, which will later be developed to achieve sustainable development goals.  
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