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Judul Karya TulisFLola Kit: Sebuah Media untuk Menyosialisasikan Program Food Bank bagi Anak Indonesia
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Ringkasan KTIFLola Kit: A Media to Socialize the Food Bank Program for Indonesian Children
By: Fedora Lola

Hunger is one of the problems that can cause death and has a bad impact that is malnutrition. Abundant natural resources do not guarantee that every human's clothing and food needs are fulfilled. Limited access and inefficient handling make millions suffer from malnutrition. In Indonesia, there are still many people who lack of food and experience malnutrition while there are 13 million tons of food are wasted every year.

At the same time, all of the wasted food left its own food print carbon that will damage the earth and cause climate change. As a result, there are so many people starving and don't get the decent life. Handling the hunger problem is related to the goal of the 2nd SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals that is ensuring zero hunger for all people and all ages.

The world with zero hunger has a lot of effects. It can improve the economy, health, education, equality and social development. The level of hunger and malnutrition are getting worse if it's not handled immediately. To overcome this problem, food bank is trusted as a media to distribute food in reducing hunger and malnutrition in Indonesia. Food Bank provides ready-to-eat and processed food to facilitate people in need from food factories, restaurants, and households.  It aims to change the malnutrition into a good healthy life so people in need will get a decent life.

Food bank also offers great opportunities to support climate action by reducing food waste which has bad impact to earth and would left foot print carbon. 
However, lack of socialization about food bank making activities less effective and couldn’t raise public awareness. This is evident form the results of survey that I did stated that as many as 75% of people didn’t know about food bank. Therefore, the author proposes a movement to support food bank by socializing to Indonesian children through FLola Kit.

FLola Kit was created based on the idea that the socialization of the food bank movement towards children is very important since childhood.
FLola Kit contains the letter F, which means food ‘makanan’ and Lola that come from the word kelola, which is a toy that is packed into a rectangular kit. FLola Kit is a children's toy and it aims to provide socialization about the food bank for children in Indonesia in fostering a sense of social care since childhood by giving story telling about the hunger problem that relates to food bank and can be implemented through the kit.

FLola Kit has 2 (two) characters that describe people who always overload food called Si Rangkayo and the needy people called Si Cungkring. In addition, the cultivation of knowledge that has positive values will be very appropriate to be given to children, especially if the material is presented in the form of miniature illustrations so that it can foster the desire of children to play without consciously learning.
 FLola Kit is equipped with the story book that has the same design as the kit. It tells us about the family of Si Rangkayo who likes to throw away food and the family of Si Cungkring who still lack of food. Apart from that, there is a food bank in the middle of them that will give a socialization about the importance of sharing food and the impact of throwing food away which is climate change. This made the family of Si Rangkayo share their through food bank so the food will be distributed to the needy people, that is the family of Si Cungkring.

FLola Kit is expected to help children to understand food bank and improve socialization of food bank so that they can increase social awareness and reduce hunger levels in Indonesia. Story telling values that can be delivered from FLola Kit consists of social concern and eliminate the habit of throwing away food.
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2 Juara 1 Winner of Gebyar Ilmu Perkantoran Seluruh Indonesia (GIPSI) 2018 2018 Nasional Lihat
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4 Juara 2 2nd Winner of APS Speech Contest 2017 Propinsi Lihat
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