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Judul Karya TulisENCO-GO: Inovasi Pangan Berbahan Dasar Lamun (Enhalus acoroides) sebagai Pencegah dan Terapi Komplementer Penyakit akibat Stres Oksidatif
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Ringkasan KTIHealth is the main capital for humans to be functional. Approximately $383 has been spent on fixing and developing health conditions in 2015, and is expected to be $1200 in 2040. The disability adjusted life year (DALY) of non-communicable diseases such as stroke, cancer, and diabetes in Indonesia have been increasing up to 95% since 1990 to 2010. These diseases’ onset are proliferated by oxidative stress. An oxidative stress occurs inevitably when the regeneration of free radicals or oxidants in our body system exceeds the system’s ability to neutralize and eliminate them. This imbalance causes inactivation of metabolic enzymes and the damage of important cellular components that our bodies can’t work to its maximum capacity. A person with low health condition would produce a high burden of illness to its surroundings, causing both opportunity and intangible loss. Due to its tremendous contribution into a country’s productivity, maintaining one’s health is very important in achieveing the Sustainable Development Goal such as: “good health and well being” (goal 3), and “decent work and economic growth” (goal 8). Until now, the treatment for oxidative stress mediated treatment has been using symptoms-based and diseases-based approach without necessarily trying to counter the process of oxidative stress itself. These method of treatment have yet shown significant decrease in the diseases prevalence. Aside from curative and conventional treatments, there are actually preventive and promotive treatments currently on a rise, utilizing Indonesia’s natural flora diversities. Lamun or seagrass (Enhalus acoroides) contains phytochemicals and high antioxidant level with the average IC-50 antioxidant of 35,73 ppm and 45,0 ppm. To fight oxidative stress is to bring the balance back by increasing the influx of antioxidants. Diet with antioxidant supplementation protects against the oxidative stress mediated disease development. There are several reasons why lamun is a preferable alternative in preventing oxidative stress. First, it’s a plant native of Indonesian waters in a form of seagrass bed. Lamun can easily be found on beaches ranging from Kepulauan Seribu to Papua. Second, it has a high primary productivity. In order to harvest the parts of the plants, there will also be lamun plantation that is made specifically for this project so it wouldn’t harm the already on going ecosystem. Third, it has an exceptional antioxidant activity backed by a high concentration of calcium and ferrum level. Thus, lamun has an additional benefit in terms of bone growth and maintaining our red blood cells count. The innovation of ENCO-GO is aimed to introduce the usage of lamun to prevent and complementarily treat oxidative stress mediated diseases. ENCO-GO is an easy ready-to-go food innovation product of processed and dried lamun leaves, seeds, and rhizomes taking form in tea, topping, and flour. People using ENCO-GO could customized their own menu and how they would serve the product. This personalized approach of treatment have been proven to be more effective. ENCO-GO could also be used as a complementary treatment should you’ve already had the diseases already. The production of ENCO-GO will be conducted starting from planting lamun in embankments and harvest it to be further processed. In conclusion, promoting the use of lamun through a ready-to-go food product ENCO-GO is one of the stepping stone to a good health and well being, and also sustainable growth in the long run. A well maintained and increasing amount of antioxidants would balance the oxidative stress so we can cancel the diseases before they cancel us first.
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