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Ringkasan KTIMulti-Function Concept To Support Independent Village: Sociopreneurship-Based Optimization Of Sago Potential To Create Food And Energy Independent Village   

Indonesia is renowned as the largest sago area in the world with an area of ??about 1,128 million hectares or 51.2% of the world's sago areas. However, its utilization is still not optimal, merely about 11% of the total reserves of Indonesian sago starch (Abner and Miftahurrohman in Suyandra, 2007). One of the experts in the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) asserts that Indonesia constitutes the largest sago producer in the world, but currently the country that develops sago most seriously is Japan. Sago (Metroxylon sagu) is a source of carbohydrates, resembling rice. One portion of rice (100 grams) is equivalent to 40 grams of sago flour. If the potential of sago can be used wisely as an alternative food, then Indonesia should not need to import up to 861,601 tons of rice (source: BPS). Ampas Ela (Ela dreg) which is a waste after harvesting sago, according to the result of research, contains 80% ethanol which meets the requirements of complete combustion, so it can be used as an alternative energy, that is bioethanol. Pelauw village is one of traditional villages in Pulau Haruku District, Central Maluku Regency abundantly supplying sago. Despite the abundance of sago, Pelauw villagers still depend on rice and fuel from Ambon city even though almost in the whole areas of Maluku there is no rice production. In addition, a scarcity of fuel in the village of Pelauw requires residents to cross to the next island just to buy kerosene. Departing from that sort of issue, it is of urgency to exploit the potential of sago to become the staple food and bioethanol (alternative fuels). By overcome this problem, we can also help Indonesia in implement Sustainable Development Goals no 2, 7, and 8 about food, energy, and economic growth. It will be through “Multi-Function Concept To Support Independent Village: Sociopreneurship-Based Optimization Of Sago Potential To Create Food And Energy Independent Village”. The core notion of sociopreneurship (social entrepreneurship) is an effort to meet the interest of community (economic, social, cultural, and tourism), not just to maximize personal gain.               
This program is divided into four subprograms which comprise: Special Team (divided into special team a, b, and c), Pasukan Potong Sagu (PASPA) or team to harvest sago, Gudang Sagu Desa (GUDES) or sago warehouse of village, and Rumah Ampas Ela (RASEL) or Ela dreg house. This sort of conception can be used to support independent food and energy villages as well as to offer new jobs. The task of the PASPA is to harvest sago, maintain the sago land area, plant sago seedlings on new land, and bring home raw sago (harvest) and Ela dreg waste. PASPA contains certain formulations from the villagers and in carrying out their duties, PASPA will be espoused by special team (a). GUDES is to collect sago (raw sago) harvest, sell raw sago and bioethanol (Ela dregs) from RASEL, and store processed sago products from residents with commercial purposes. GUDES is managed by special team (b). RASEL is to process Ela dreg after harvesting sago into bioethanol (substitute for kerosene for cooking) through several processes that will be carried out by special team (c). After bioethanol is ready to use, it is submitted to be managed by GUDES. As for the procurement of equipment needed and other initial funding, it will be fulfilled by village funds and cooperation with the regional government. Funds generated from selling raw sago, bioethanol, and sago processed products will be allocated to PASPA on duty, special teams, residents, maintenance of work tools, and other needs under the managerial expertise of special team (b).               
 It should be emphasized that by optimizing our sago potential, we can be independent of food and energy as well. That’s why “Multi-Function Concept To Support Independent Village: Sociopreneurship-Based Optimization Of Sago Potential To Create Food And Energy Independent Village” is the best idea and it should be implement as soon as possible.
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