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Ringkasan KTI
The idea of making this project is from plastic waste management issues. Plastic has been one of the main material used in human necessities. It might cause other products such as wood, glass, metal, etc to be replaced by plastic. It is said that Indonesia is in the second rank as the world’s largest plastic waste producer (Jamberk, 2015). Plastic waste reduction policies have been implemented, such as paid plastics tested on February 21, 2016. Meanwhile, Prof. Ir. Agoes Soegianto revealed that paid plastic policies have not been implemented properly. He said that the most effective way to reduce plastic waste is improving plastic waste processing.
The participation in sustainable development goals (SDG's) is a development program which not only emphasizes the economic development but also prioritizes enviromental sustainability and sosial inclusion. There are several considerations why this prototype device is generated. First, the high number of cases caused by plastic waste. Second, the improvement to manage the plastic waste. Third, the implementations of the objectives of SDG's covering how to encounter the climate change, how to conserve marine resources life, how to increase the sustainability of terestrial ecosystem usage, how to encourage inclusive industry and how to make some innovations. Therefore, from the considerations above we need a device which can process plastic waste into the new product with 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) management principle. Prototype Device on Recycled Plastic for 3D Filament Printer is a device to process plastic waste into a new product which is 3D Printer Filament (raw material). Nowadays, 3D printing technology can produce material from a variety of materials, from liquid or solid materials and they have colors, allowing creators or users to innovate instantly according to their creativity in the final product. The development of this 3D printer filament continues, such as a new material that is nanocomposite of various plastic and iron materials. It is an opportunity for creative product manufacturers to get products that have benefit and then can increase the selling price of product from 3D printers. There are 4 steps to process the plastic waste using this machine. First, clean up the plastic waste and sort from the other waste. It is intended to avoid the threat of diseases caused by waste. Second, crush plastic waste into smaller materials in the shredder process. Third, melt the material with heating elements. In the melting process the material is heated to its boiling point to obtain the perfect material. the temperature of the heating element is set with the controller to keep the temperature fixed on boiling point of material. The last is spooling process, spooling process is the process of rolling filament ready to use 3D printers. The rolling speed is very susceptible to break the filament; therefore, the speed is set to be precise with the output filament from extruder process. After getting the result from Prototype Device on Recycled Palstic for 3D Printer Filament, there are 2 types of test for 3D Printer Filament materials. First, density of materials. Second, material properties.  From all those tests, the product can be generated with the appropriate density adjusting the material density. It shows us that the Prototype Device on Recycled Plastic for 3D Printer Filament can compete with other conventional 3D Filament Products. The result of this research is expected to be used in mass filament production as a way to reduce the number of plastic waste. In this case, the filament from plastic waste can be processed into a creative product using 3D printer. It is also a way to increase the selling price of plastic waste.
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