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Judul Karya TulisYoga Pranayama dan Terapi Musik: Sebuah Kombinasi Terapi Rehabilitatif Holistik pada Penderita Penyakit Paru Obstruktif Kronis (PPOK)
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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is one of the major health problems in various countries. About 6% of total deaths in the world, or about three million deaths, were caused by COPD in 2012. The prevalence of COPD in Indonesia by 2013 was 3.7% and the incidence increases with age. COPD patients with pharmacological therapy had not been able to overcome long-term lung function decline. Therefore, a pulmonary rehabilitation is considered to be the most effective therapy in improving health status, as well as improving the quality of life, physical, and emotional in patients’ daily life. Pranayama yoga combined with music therapy is a new combination of alternative therapies that can be implemented. In addition to its relatively simple implementation techniques and numerous studies which have proven the effectiveness of this therapy combination in rehabilitating people with COPD, through this therapy we can also help preserving our local wisdom and culture. Therefore, the purpose of this literature review writing is to determine the potential combination and effective techniques in the implementation of pranayama yoga and music therapy as a holistic rehabilitative therapy in patients with COPD. This literature review was written using literature study method based on several literatures that were relevant to the study. A database from PubMed and Google Scholar were mainly used.



COPD is a respiratory disease that causes the patient difficult to remove air from the lungs, resulting in breathlessness and tired feeling as the patient tries harder to breathe, characterized by chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or a combination of both. It can be caused by various factors, smoking is a major cause in the incidence of COPD in the community. An important mechanism in the pathogenesis of COPD is the presence of chronic inflammation and an imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants causing oxidative stress. Physiological changes in people with COPD cause decreased quality of life and survival rate.
Pranayama is one of the main aspects of yoga. Pranayama means the control of vital energy, especially breathing (prana) in literal. There are more than 100 pranayama yoga techniques mentioned in various Sanskrit writings, which have been classified according to various criteria. Some of the main things to be considered before doing any kind of pranayama are comfortable and relaxed position, upright body, and calm and minimal environmental conditions. Pranayama then can be started by taking a breath through the nose, holding that breath, and breathing it through the mouth periodically. One recent complementary and alternative therapy as a rehabilitative effort in other COPD patients was music therapy. Music therapy consists of two types of intervention, namely active and passive. During music therapy, the patient is directly involved in the production of music such as practicing vocals or playing an instrument. While in passive music therapy, the patient tends to listen to the music produced.



Based on the results from several studies, pranayama yoga was one of the training components of pulmonary rehabilitation that had been proven to improve the coordination of mind and body. Several studies had shown that pranayama yoga can decrease dyspnea, increase exercise capacity, improve oxygenation, and can be tolerated by symptomatic COPD patients. In the other hand, music therapy is able to improve the psychological state, reduce dyspnea, and improve physiological conditions such as forced expiratory volume (FEV), forced vital capacity (FVC), and respiratory control in COPD patients. The combination of music therapy and pranayama yoga can decrease the level of anxiety and pain significantly. Therefore, the combination of music therapy and pranayama yoga can be considered as an effective and promising holistic rehabilitative therapy for COPD patients. 



Further research on the effectiveness of the combination of pranayama yoga and music therapy as a holistic rehabilitative therapy in people with COPD is needed on a larger scale. It is hoped that further information related to this therapy technique is disseminated and can be implemented in the community.

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