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Nama ProdiPerhotelan (D3)
Judul Karya TulisStrategi Pengembangan Kawasan Budidaya Rumput Laut Sebagai Wisata Konservasi dan Edukasi Berbasis Masyarakat di Pantai Pandawa
Topik Karya TulisKemaritiman
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Ringkasan KTINowdays, tourism became one of the fastest growing sector. It can be seen from the emergence of various tourist destinations, accommodations, facilities, and tourism infrastructure. (Pitana, 2005). Bali has excellent destinations such as coastal tourism, one of them is Pandawa Beach.
Before becoming a tourist attraction, Pandawa Beach is the center for seaweed cultivation. However, along with the development of tourism in Pandawa Beach resulted in some seaweed farmers switched professions into food traders, beverages, and tenants of tourism services and facilities. This resulted in decreasing seaweed yields even not produced again. Therefore, it needs a development strategy of seaweed cultivation area as conservation and educational tour in order to preserve the continuity of seaweed cultivation and the sustainability of tourism development for improving the prosperity of the community.

 Objectives of this research are 1) To identification of internal and external potential of seaweed cultivation area as conservation and community-based education tourism in Pandawa Beach, and 2) Designing the strategy of seaweed cultivation development as conservation tourism and community based education. This research included in descriptive research type by combining qualitative and quantitative data input as well (mix method). The sources of this research data comes from participant observation, questionnaire, and in-depth interviews with six informan who consisting of seaweed farmers, cultivation group managers and managers of Pandawa Beach  as primary data, and documentation study as secondary data. Data collection techniques which used were in-depth interviews, participatory observation, and documentation study.
Data analysis techniques which used were I
nternal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS), Eksternal Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS), and SWOT analysis
The internal potential of seaweed cultivation as conservation and community-based education tourism in Pandawa Beach are: 1. Attraction. Attractions that can be developed in Pandawa Beach is a seaweed cultivation attraction which can be used as a conservation and educational tour for tourists. Based on data of tourist visits to Pandawa Beach in 2016 which stated that most tourists who visit is a domestic tourist from students’ presence. Therefore, the visit of students as tourists will be able to strengthen the potential of Pandawa Beach as an educational tour of seaweed cultivation.
2.  Amenities The facilities in the seaweed cultivation area at Pandawa Beach are the availability of adequate toilets, large parking area, seed storage huts, storage of tools for seaweed development, and storage of seaweed crops.
3. Accessibility Access available in Pandawa Beach area is feasible. Seaweed cultivation zone is closes to the tourism zone and it was built adequate paths so that tourists who visit are directly able to see the seaweed cultivation zone in Pandawa Beach.
4.Ancillary Service (Institutional) Institutions contained in the seaweed cultivation area in Pandawa Beach is adequate, seen from the BUMDA (Badan Usaha Manunggal Desa Adat) which is directly managed by Kutuh Village society.  
Meanwhile the external potential of seaweed cultivation area can be seen from the role of government which is realized in the form of Government programs of Badung Regency and Central Government, among others:

1.Decision of Badung Regent at Number 1699/02 / HK / 2011 regarding Minapolitan Area
2. Regulation territory at Number 26 in 2013 about Spatial Planning of Badung Regency in 2013-2033
3.Priority Program of RPJMD Semesta Berencana at Badung District in 2016 -2021
4. Regulation of Republic of Indonesia President at Number 21 in 2016 about Free Visa of visits
5.There is a demand which high toward Seaweed Cultivation
Based on the things that have been described, it can be stated that internal and external factors that belong to Pandawa Beach is very supportive in developing seaweed cultivation area as conservation tourism and community-based education. Based on the analysis of IFAS, EFAS, and SWOT, it can be known that Seaweed Cultivation area is currently in quadrant 1 as quadrant Expansion where the general strategy that can be done is by taking advantage of opportunities and strengths which is owned as much as possible. Development strategies that can be done are as follows:
1. Developing tourism products such as build Arjuna park with seaweed attractions, seaweed culinary tours, and developing transparent canoes. 2.Optimizing Human Resources and Management of Seaweed Cultivation Areas such as providing education to seaweed farmers for having competence as a guide
3.Optimizing the marketing that can be done by Increasing cooperation with travel agents, educational institutions and promotion in social media by utilizing Panca Pandawa brand image and the existence of conservation and educational tours.
4. Creating a destination image that Pandawa is not only famous as a beautiful cliff beach, but also has an interesting attraction of seaweed cultivation attraction.
Based on the exposure, it can be concluded that the development of seaweed cultivation area as conservation tourism and community-based education in Pandawa Beach will give positive contribution to community welfare, tourism sustainability, and sustainability of seaweed cultivation. 
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