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Ringkasan KTIIndonesia is an archipelago country where two-thirds of its territory is ocean. Coral reefs are one of the potential water resources are abundant in Indonesia, because the ecology of coral reefs can only grow in tropical regions. Indonesia is ranked top for the breadth and richness of coral reef species. More than 75,000 km2  or 14% of the total area of the world's coral reefs. Damage to coral reefs detected in 93 countries from 109 countries that have a wealth of coral reefs, including in Indonesia. The damage mostly caused by human activities such as tourism activities that exceed the carrying capacity of the region, the use off is poison, pollution and sedimentation even harvesting of coral reefs on a large scale. In order to know the damage to coral reefs that occur, it is necessary to improve, which can be done by inventory, monitoring, and mapping the condition of coral reefs, built from the spatial database, which can be abbreviated coral reefs in actual and consistent with the real conditions. Given the wide spread of coral reefs in Indonesia, mapping the status or condition of coral reefs will be difficult if done conventionally, because it will require less time, energy and time.It was then evident an integrated information system is needed to reduce data redundancy, allow easy data accessing and linking. In addition the new system should minimize changes to existing system. This way, data collection process is unaffected but at the same time system functionality is enhanced. To achieve the above objectives, it has developed Sacoreef. Sacoreef provides an integrated, practical, easy-to-use online information system that support coral reef data management. Sacoreef it supports Web GIS (Geographical Information System) and ad-hoc query (user-created search), time-series analysis and report. Web GIS facilitates online interactive thematic maps portraying reef health condition which is linked with other non spatial data. The method used is literature review and data processing.  This website is designed using online wix hosting and ArcGIS online so that the geospatial system can be accessed by using GIS website "Sacoreef". WebGIS "Sacoreef" provides several features that allow users to access and monitor the development of coral reefs. These features are designed and equipped with interactive maps such as dispersion maps and coral reef health maps and 3D Underwater maps. In addition, the product is designed as a service provider in fundraising and donation suppliers to salvage maritime resources of coral reefs. Not only displaying spatial data, WebGIS its also equipped with features "What I can See" and "What I can Do". Content that is in "What I can See" such as E-Library as a provider of knowledge related to coral reef related information. Then donations and fundraisers provide services and can connect users with coral reef conservation hall through donations and fundraising. Based on the results of the various data processing presented in the form of webGIS and interactive map with the application of geospatial technology on coral reef monitoring, gives the result that from the use of geographic information system technology certainly makes it easier in the monitoring and monitoring of coral reefs. The results and discussion in this paper include monitoring and monitoring of coral reefs: 1) mapping, identification and monitoring, 2) conformity of coastal uses and marine aquaculture development, and 3) monitoring of coastal and marine ecosystems. So the results of research can be concluded that: (1) The rate of damage to coral reefs in Indonesia is currently increasingly alarming. Human activities such as the use of fish poison and dynamite become the main problem causing coral reef damage, (2) Utilization of Remote Sensing Technology and GIS has been widely used analysis and study related to marine sector development and still need development for monitoring coral reefs in Indonesia, (3) Development of marine sector with GIS based on WebGIS is widely used for mapping, identification and inventory of coastal and marine resources intended for coral reef monitoring and monitoring and development to facilitate monitoring of coastal and marine ecosystem, (4)Produced an interactive map of the distribution map and coral reef health as well as 3-dimensional underwater map to facilitate the monitoring and supervision process.  
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