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Ringkasan KTIOne target of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a minimum 7% annual increase of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through enhancement of decent employment opportunity for society. Almost all members of Indonesian society depend their life on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Providing 97.2% employment in 2015, SME is the main workforce absorber of Indonesia and plays a very important role to increase public welfare. In 2015 SME contributed 57.8% to GDP or as much as IDR 7,000 trillion. This figure is projected to increase five folds in 2030, reaching about IDR 42,250 trillion.           

A high increase of GDP can be reached if Indonesian digital economy contributes about US$ 150 billion (approximately IDR 2 quadrillion) to Indonesian GDP in 2020 (McKinsey, 2016). To enable such contribution to digital economy, SME needs to accelerate the utilization of latest information and communication technology. Digitalization generates a number of positive impacts: an increase in revenue of up to 80%, an increase in employment opportunity of 150%, and an increase in international competitiveness to 17 times. Moreover, digitalization is an important factor to solve various problems that SMEs face, such as access to market, promotion of regional leading products, or facilities in loan application. However, digitalization of SME in Indonesia is still low due to some factors, which include tight competition, lack of knowledge, or high cost.

To anticipate the factors stated earlier, the government has attempted to utilize digitalization through UMKM Go Online. As a government-initiated program, UMKM Go Online provides assistance to SMEs to go digital, such as providing free domain or hosting, creating and promoting online stores in marketplaces, or organizing training on product shooting.  Despite such facilities from the government, SME is still experiencing a crucial problem, i.e. a lack of human resources. This is due to the high cost of human resource to perform digitalization of SME.

Recognizing the problem that most SMEs in Indonesia are facing, a platform of Internet Marketing Solution Indonesia (IMERSA) is present to assist Indonesian SMEs to go digital. IMERSA is an internet marketing platform that helps SMEs grow in the digital world through a collaboration between SMEs as products’ owners and Internet Marketers. IMERSA was established by combining two dimensions, i.e. information technology and society. As it has been stated earlier, the platform was created as a response to the existing SME problems in Indonesia; that is, most Indonesian SMEs cannot digitalize their products well. Based on these factors, IMERSA can be considered as a creation of a socio-technopreneur. Apart from connecting SMEs and Internet Marketers, IMERSA platform also provides internet marketing tools for Internet Marketers. These tools include copywriting, photo product design, tutorial, and information on internet marketing.

One of IMERSA’s partners is Aqiqah Berkah, an SME which provides aqiqah service in 5 districts in East Java. Digitalization that IMERSA has provided for Aqiqah Berkah has been proven to successfully improve its revenue significantly. Through digitalization, the revenue of Aqiqah Berkah has increased by 95.32% in a year, from IDR 249,500,000 in 2016 to IDR 445,739,000 in 2017.

In addition to partnership, IMERSA also offers education programs, such as training on internet marketing for students of vocational schools in Jakarta. This program prepares the students to able to market their regional products, such as fashion products. An education program called Digital Marketing Army (DMA) is a joint project between IMERSA and Ciputra Entrepreneur Centre. This collaboration aims to increase the number of Internet Marketers and the amount of SME’s products sold. After the DMA program, one of the participants, Ranti Febdillah, successfully increased the revenue by two times from January to March in 2018.

In short, the biggest challenge for SME is the dynamics and competitiveness in the digital era, and IMERSA platform proves that digitalization has successfully improved the dynamics and competitiveness of SMEs. In fact, IMERSA is committed to consistently accelerate SMEs in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals through creative industry and potentials of economic domestic sectors.

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2 Juara 1 Kompetisi Inovasi Go Green ICT 2018 2018 Propinsi Lihat
3 15th Winner Global Ideapreneur Week 2018 2018 Regional Lihat
4 Presentasi Oral dalam Konfrensi Ilmiah 2nd International Student Conference On Management and Business Studies (The 2nd ISCOMBUS) 2018 Regional Lihat
5 Fasilitator Marketing Digital Army 2018 - Marketing Digital Competition - Income Generator 2018 Nasional Lihat

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