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Ringkasan KTIOral cancer was recorded on category of cancer that most often occurs. It was estimated that the incidence of oral cancer each year is around 275,000 and almost 75% occur in developing countries. Almost all cancers in the oral cavity begin from basal cells covering the surface of lips, tongue and oral cavity known as squamous cell carcinoma which reaches 90%.   

Generally, patients come for treatment after complaints because of a lump and ulcer pain. Whereas, if there is already a complaint so the disease is in an advanced stage consequently the prognosis of oral cancer is relatively poor. Factors that may cause late diagnosis is cancer in the early stages does not often cause complaints (ignorance of the patient), fear, and there is no cost for treatment. This paper discusses the treatment of oral cancer that has been done, the utilization of pomegranate extract (Punica granatum L.) against apoptosis of oral cancer cells in humans, and the development of Punicatum Spray as a product of innovation to oral cancer prevention and therapy. For medical practitioners, this paper is expected to be a reference toward prevention and treatment of oral cancer. For research, this paper is expected to be the basis for doing further research on the right dosage for the manufacture of Punicatum Spray products for oral cancer patients. For the public, this paper is expected to open the horizon about the benefits of Punicatum Spray as an innovative preventive spray and therapy for oral cancer patients. For the industry, it is expected to be the initial idea to develop Punicatum Spray product based on local materials of Indonesia in order to be promoted as the superior local product that can compete globally and have implementation opportunities to realize sustainable development especially in health sector. This paper is compiled by using literature study method which data collection and information techniques presented descriptively along with the analysis to show a scientific study that can be developed and applied further by conducting a study of reference to reference sources, books, literature, and scientific journals related to the problems of the research.
Till at present, oral cancer treatment is still using chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, and combination therapy. These treatment techniques have not shown the significant increase of the patient's life duration. Therefore, the new therapeutic strategies are needed to inhibit cancer cell effectively and efficiently without major side effects, economical, and efficacious for example is herbal medicine. Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) contains phytochemicals and high antioxidant content in which there are polyphenols, tannins, and anthocyanins. Especially in polyphenols there are 60% of flavonoid components that can inhibit cancer cells by inducing apoptosis. In cancer treatment, flavonoids are reported to inhibit tumor cell growth in cancer. Spray is a kind of pump tool for spraying water, fire, paint, and etc. Spray in here is used for preparation for local use of oral cancer.

Punicatum Spray
innovation is expected to be a prevention and therapy for oral cancer patients with an economical price, practical, and has no side effects. Sustainable development is incomplete without the existence of innovation in science and technology. New innovations can help to achieve sustainable development objectives in Indonesia as it sees the third and ninth objectives of the 17 Goals of Sustainable Developments, which are good health and well-being (the third goal) and industry, innovation, infrastructure (the ninth goal) then the idea of this innovation needs to be created and developed.
Punicatum Spray Innovation has good potential to be developed into superior local product. The development requires several steps that must be done: (1) examining the quality of Punicatum Spray product that has been made with the processing technique and the composition of certain materials with assessment criteria include nutritional quality, microbiological test and clinical test on anticancer activity in oral cancer patients; (2) choosing a quality tested product and registering the patent; (3) examining the introduction and marketing of products so that Punicatum Spray products can be known by the community as an alternative to prevent and therapy of oral cancer with economical, practical, and has no side effects.
Prioritas Pencapaian Prestasi Tahun Tingkat
1 Juara 2 Silver Medal of World Invention and Technology Expo 2018 2018 Internasional Lihat
2 Oral Presenter International Dentistry Scientific Meeting 2017 2017 Internasional Lihat
3 Poster Presenter International Dentistry Scientific Meeting 2017 2017 Internasional Lihat
4 Accepted for Publication Atlantis Press Proceeding International Proceeding Indexed in Thomson-Reuters 2017 Internasional Lihat
5 Invited Speaker 2nd Global Summit and Expo on Dental & Oral Diseases, Malaysia 2017 Internasional Lihat
6 Accepted Paper International Conference and Exhibition on Traditional and Alternative Medicine 2018 Internasional Lihat
7 Accepted for Publication International Journal of Engineering Science Invention 2017 Internasional Lihat
8 Grant Travel Awardee International Dentistry Scientific Meeting 2017 2017 Internasional Lihat
9 Juara 2 Lomba Penelitian Kedokteran Gigi 2017 Nasional Lihat
10 Juara 3 Lomba Penelitian Kedokteran Gigi 2017 Nasional Lihat

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