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Ringkasan KTIThe world has been working to solve the global problems through Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 3rd goal of SDGs is “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” which one of the targets is to reduce 1 per 3 premature death caused by non-communicable disease with treatment. This can be achieved by interdisciplinary collaboration through medical research to develop innovations in medical therapies, as well as prevention and promotion to improve global health. One of the non-communicable diseases that be the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide is cancer. Cancer is a disease that is characterized by abnormal cell growth. It is caused by genetic alteration as a result from nonspecific risk factors including smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, history of familial cancer, history of chronic diseases and others. Despite advance treatment options are available, cancer remains to be the worldwide health problems particularly in non-communicable disease due to lack of therapeutic efficacy in cancer patients. Therefore, a novel strategy to increase therapeutic efficacy is urgently needed. Owing to the facts that lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer deaths and has the highest cancer incidences, this paper comes up to deliver an applicative idea to enhance lung cancer’s therapeutic efficacy and minimize its side effects. The recent modalities of treatment for lung cancer patient are chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy. Bevacizumab is the back-bone of therapy regimen in combination with chemotherapy for lung cancer. It is a targeted-therapy which inhibits Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) on cancer cells. VEGF regulates cancer cells to proliferate and to make new blood vessels to supply oxygen and nutrition. VEGF is also distributed in normal cells in small level. Therefore, increasing dosage of bevacizumab in order to enhance its therapeutic efficacy would just jeopardizes patient condition due to its side effect to normal cells. This paper contains idea and long-term plan of study to concoct lung cancer therapy with higher therapeutic efficacy and reduced side effects in order to increase lung cancer patient’s survival rates. The idea is using modified vest to activate hyperthermia-induced cell death. Prior to the activation of the vest, bevacizumab is conjugated with gold nanoparticles. Gold nanoparticle has been studied for its important role as an anticancer enhancer agent. There are several advantages of gold nanoparticles that can be harnessed. First, the big size of gold molecules allows them to be easily entrapped on the cancer site. Second, they do not react with other molecules in the body, yielding the bioavailability of bevacizumab can be increased. Then, if induced with electromagnetic wave, the electrons will eventually establish surface plasmon resonance and producing heat. If the gold nanoparticles are inside the cancer cells and increasing intracellular high temperature, the cancer cells will undergo destructed due to inexistent of heat-shock factor in the cancer cells. This concept defined as activated hyperthermia therapy.  Therefore, the proposed idea is to conjugate bevacizumab with gold nanoparticles and activate hyperthermia-induced cell death through modified vest. Through this conjugation, not only it can enhance the efficacy of bevacizumab, but also reduce its potential side effects in normal cells. This conjugation will also naturally be localized in lung cancer cells due to its high level of VEGF. The conjugated bevacizumab will perform its respective role and the nanoparticles will be internalized. Once the nanoparticles have been internalized, the hyperthermia can be activated with modified vest. The vest will emit electromagnetic wave to trigger hyperthermia-induced cell death. However, the normal cells should not be affected because it can be controlled to the desired cancer area. Finally, the design of the vest follows the recent fashion trends or could be chosen by the patient themselves knowing the data has shown the correlation of higher self-esteem with higher survival rate of cancer patients. Ultimately, this proposed strategy potentially can be applied to the other cancer entities. Therefore, several recommendations to the research institutions and government as a pivotal role holder in policy and research data to the properness of this technology application are elaborated.
Prioritas Pencapaian Prestasi Tahun Tingkat
1 Juara 1 1st Place in Literature Review competition Indonesia International (bio)Medical Students' Congress 2017 Internasional Lihat
2 Ketua Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa Kedokteran Indonesia (JIMKI) Ketua Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa Kedokteran Indonesia (JIMKI) 2018 Nasional Lihat
3 Juara 1 Juara 1 Lomba Poster Ilmiah Atma Cordis Ilmiah AESCULAPIUS 2018 2018 Nasional Lihat
4 Juara 2 Juara 2 Lomba Esai Ilmiah Interfaculty of Medicine Scientific Competition INTERMEDISCO 2017 2017 Nasional Lihat
5 Juara 2 Juara 2 Lomba Esai Ilmiah Temu Ilmiah Nasional TEMILNAS 2017 2017 Nasional Lihat
6 Juara 2 Juara 2 Lomba Opini Pekan Jurnalistik Nasional (PJN) 2017 2017 Nasional Lihat
7 Juara 2 Juara 2 Lomba Esai Ilmiah Medical Sebelas Maret Scientific Competition MEDSMOTION 2017 2017 Nasional Lihat
8 Juara 2 Juara 2 Lomba Esai Ilmiah Diponegoro Medical and Health Scientific Competition (DMHSC) 2017 2017 Nasional Lihat
9 Juara 2 Juara 2 Lomba Poster Ilmiah 6th Indonesian Medical Student Summit (IMSS) 2018 2018 Nasional Lihat
10 Juara 2 Juara 2 Lomba Esai Ilmiah Atma Cordis Ilmiah AESCULAPIUS 2018 2018 Nasional Lihat

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