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Ringkasan KTIThe agricultural sector plays a strategic role in the national development. It contributes significantly to the achievement of the goals and objectives of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) program, namely human welfare  focusing on the efforts to alleviate poverty and hunger. One of the farming sub-sectors currently developing and in great demand is the horticultural crops of oyster mushrooms. The fact that their nutritional content can cure various diseases causes the market demand to increase from 20% to 25% per year. In 2015 the demand for these mushrooms reached 17,500 tons per year; however, only 79% could be fulfilled due to the difficulty of creating a suitable environment in terms of room temperature and humidity for the mushrooms’  growth. For example, in the mycelium phase, the mushrooms can grow well at the temperatures of 22°-28° C and require a relative humidity of 70% -80%. With an appropriate technology, the temperature and humidity can be set as needed. One alternative to lower the temperature and humidity is by watering, usually done manually,which makes the yields of the cultivation process become ineffective. This results in the yields which are not optimum and this becomes an obstacle for a broader market expansion. On the other hand, the development of the industrial world has entered the Industrial Era 4.0 and Cyber-Physical production process where the production process runs on the Internet as the main base, not only limited to communication, but also remote control.
Based on these conditions, a tool that can be used to automatically manage and control the room temperature and humidity to support the oyster mushrooms to grow is definitely needed. CULTIVATECH is the perfect solution  to help control the temperature and humidity automatically based on the Internet of Things (IoT). This research is aimed at developing the controlling system and data acquisition of temperature and humidity in the cultivation of oyster mushrooms based on Internet of Things (IoT) that can be used by farmers automatically to optimize their production.
The method used in developing this tool adopts the Linear Sequential Model (LSM) consisting of five stages, namely literature analysis, system design, hardware assembly, encoding, and testing. CULTIVATECH is equipped with hardware control, Android software and a cloud server as a data storage sensor so that efficiency in the oyster mushroom cultivation increases. The CULTIVATECH system works by regulating the desired room temperature and humidity and controlling it through a web server available through the internet network. The results of sensor data readings processed by ESP8266 WiFi module can be viewed and restored wherever and whenever. The main feature on the server is a unique code in the form of application program interface (API) for writing and readingthe user who serves to send and receive data between devices. In addition, the data interface can be viewed on the android software where there is an option to activate the sensor manually, which means that the sensor works according to the temperature and humidity needed in the cultivation of mushrooms.
In monitoring data, CULTIVATECH has a variety of excellent features  consisting of circle meter and graph data record working well when displaying the sensor data according to the sensor readings. In addition, CULTIVATECH Apps has a manual control feature to power the tested actuator hardware and works well when used. The effectiveness of CULTIVATECH is divided into several variables that facilitate its users, i.e automation, time, and data recording, in the hi-tech cultivation era.The automatic variable is assessed based on the activation system of sprayer actuators that do not need human intervention. The time needed for watering the mushrooms using CULTIVATECH is five hours more effective when compared to the manual watering and two hours more effective than the watering by using other tools. Thus, CULTIVATECH is more efficient in carrying out the treatment of oyster mushrooms. It is expected that this tool can minimize the occurrence of crop failures caused by the temperature and humidity factors since it controls and monitors the level of temperature and humidity automatically. In this way, the cultivation of oyster mushrooms becomes more effective so as to bring good impacts to their production.
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