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Asal Perguruan TinggiUniversitas Negeri Yogyakarta
Nama ProdiPendidikan Kepelatihan Olahraga
Judul Karya TulisConditioning Training karate berbasis Multisport Approach dan Virtual Reality Media
Topik Karya TulisPenguatan Inovasi
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Ringkasan KTIMULTISPORT APPROACH AND VIRTUAL REALITY MEDIA-BASED CONDITIONING KARATE TRAINING     Sport is one of the reasons that can make a nation become outstanding in the international level. For example, in 2017 SEA GAMES in Kualalumpur the Indonesian karate team got three gold medals, three silver medals, and seven bronze medals. Then, in 2018 the Indonesian karate team sits in the 19th position in the World Karate Federation (WKF). Since then, the Indonesian team is considered to have high quality. These achievements deserve a high appreciation. However,  despite these, the achievements are not actually optimum yet. The coaching process for the Indonesian karate athletes are still facing some obstacles, in terms of both physical and psychological training materials. Many sport experts think that the method and training programs need to be evaluated and innovated. Many foreign coaches are invited to improve and maximize the achievements of the national karate. However, unfortunately  those efforts still cannot realize it. Based on the results of observations and interviews conducted among the athletes, it is revealed that the Indonesian athletes do not get  enough recoveries during the training, and are still forced to practive day and night. On the contrary, excessive practices without considering the athletes’ conditions can lead to overtraining which later can cause injuries. The lack of recovery is worsened by the monotoneous and highly repetitive training materials  without variations. These, in turns, affect the athletes’ psychology, meaning that the karate athletes become bored. Such trainings will also increase the risk of injuries. Another problem in the Indonesian karate is the athletes’ mental. In a sport event, mental plays as much as 90%. It means that the victory in an event is determined by the athletes’ mental itself. Unfortunately, the mental of the Indonesian athletes are not optimum and strong yet. Very often when facing the opponents from big countries, the Indonesian athletes are not psychologically ready. This problem badly needs an immediate solution. It is clear now that it is necessary to make the coaches aware of the training principles of recovery, variations of practices, and improvement of the athletes’ psychology. This awareness is expected to improve the methods and patterns of the training to achieve the goal of obtaining a rank in World Karate Federation (WKF) and to make Indonesia famous in the world of sport, especially karate. This is in line with the target of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely improving the quality of education in relation to the coaching in karate. The solutions to overcome the problems are developing variations and increasing the mental training frequencies among the athletes through Multi Sport Approach using physical and psychological approaches. The physical approach is expected to be able to be implemented as a training variation or active recoveries during the training. This approach is carried out by involving other kinds of sport, for example soccer, to support the endurance, agility, and to support the strength of the leg muscles. Later this becomes a foundation to strengthen the kicks in karate. It is also expected that this approach can overcome boredom. Giving multisport as a practice out of the karate techniques can give new experiences and fun to the athletes. Besides the physical approach, the psychological one also needs to be implemented to improve the mental of the national karate athletes. This approach employs Virtual Reality Media which is designed to appear like a sparing partner simulation, especially for kumite (fighting). This is expected to be able to help the athletes improve their mental because the media appears similar to the real event. The illustration is then changed into animation in the Virtual Reality Training which can be adapted in terms of levels based on the individual’s ability. Virtual Reality Training can be a solution for the individual practices at home. It is Virtual Reality Training which functions as sparing partner media when there is no partner to do visual sparing and simulation. The physical approach through multi sport and the psychological approach through the use of Virtual Reality as a form of modern imagery are recommended to strengthen the Indonesian athletes’ mental and as a solution to bring variations in the training so the achievements will be improved later.            
Prioritas Pencapaian Prestasi Tahun Tingkat
1 Juara 2 Silver Medals Kumite Female Individual Kumite Senior -55 Kg 2017 Internasional Lihat
2 Juara 2 Silver Medals Kumite Female Team 2017 Internasional Lihat
3 Juara 3 THE 3rd WINNER KUMITE -61 Kg INDIVIDUAL FEMALE SENIOR 2016 Internasional Lihat
4 Juara 2 THE 2rd WINNER KUMITE TEAM FEMALE SENIOR 2016 Internasional Lihat
5 Juara 2 JUARA 2 KUMITE INDIVIDUAL U21-61 Kg PUTRI 2018 Nasional Lihat
6 Juara 2 JUARA 2 KUMITE INDIVIDUAL U21-61 Kg PUTRI 2017 Nasional Lihat
7 Juara 1 JUARA 1 KUMITE INDIVIDUAL -55 Kg PUTRI 2017 Nasional Lihat
8 Juara 1 JUARA 1 KUMITE INDIVIDUAL SENIOR -55 Kg PUTRI 2017 Nasional Lihat
9 Juara 1 JUARA 1 KUMITE INDIVIDUAL -61 Kg PUTRI 2017 Nasional Lihat

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